27 Nov 2007

My Blog is on PlanetMySQL!!1oneone!!1

Firstly, I'd like to thank Jay Pipes for adding me to planetmysql. If you came to my blog through this website, then welcome. I promise I will try to continue to write good quality posts and maybe even use the spell checker from time to time.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan and I am currently employed by a company that owns a online hotel-reservation system. I have been living in Beijing, China for the last year and soon plan to move back to the UK. I am creative at finding solutions to problems and I use this blog to express my ideas. I started this blog to try to contribute back to the MySQL community by coming up with new ideas and hopefully implementing them as well.

So the purpose of this post is to highlight my previous posts (my greatest hits).
  1. Decision Tables and Your Database (November 25, 2007) - A concept to continue the business rules engine in the database idea. I basically say that you can take decision trees (which you can use to decide on which rules or policies you use), convert the decision tree to a decision table (or binary table) and place the table in the database

  2. Business Rule Engine (November 18, 2007) - Here I am trying to explain that it would be a good idea to let more of the overall application be handled by the database. In particular, any application which basically deals with some sort of data manipulation.

  3. Exploring Event-Driven Publishing (November 13, 2007) - Event-Driven Publishing is the opposite of Request-Driven Publishing, which is when a database generates results when the user asks for it. Event-Driven Publishing generated the results before-hand when some data changed or an "event" happened in the database.

  4. Working in China (November 9, 2007) - Nothing to do with MySQL. I wrote about my experiences in finding work in china for professional IT people. By the way, after I wrote this, china banned my website from being displayed in china.

  5. TheoryCraft - Breaking down elements into blocks (November 7, 2007) I talk about caching and event-driven publishing. I suggest that it could be a good idea to break a web page, for example, into blocks and then save the blocks as cache - which is basically data wrapped with HTML. Once you have this block, it is easier to manage and save the cache.

  6. Federated Tables for Enterprises: The future is today? (November 5, 2007) - I had an idea to use MySQL embedded databases with federated tables in applications that are spread through out an enterprise company. Each application will contact the main server using the federated table and hopefully cache this data to save I/O bottlenecks.

  7. Hacking SQL: when you don't know if you have a search criteria (November 5, 2007) - How to write an query if some of the parameters are empty or not given to you.

  8. From Developing to Data-basing and back (November 3, 2007) - I write about my experiences as both an application developer and a database developer. I suggest that "Most database users are not interested in your tables" they are only after the results.

  9. MySQL, MyPetProject and MyNewDiscovery ( October 30, 2007) - My first post. I introduce myself, my company, my experiences in my company, how they relate to MySQL and my idea for a pet project - which I decided to abandon in the end, because I thought no one will use it :(

So thank you for taking the time to read my blog and again, I promise to keep updating it with useful content.

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  1. Welcome to planetmysql.org :) I have been using the site for long time and been loving. It's good to get new people on there. I owe my thanks to Jay Pipes too.. he is a good guy :)