21 Oct 2008

New Job, New Responsibilities

I recently took up a position as an IT and Internet Manager at MobileFun UK.
The position itself is very interesting. The company is very aggressively trying to grow and has lots of new ideas. At the same time, I am stuck with some legacy systems that I need sort out asap. The people here are really very nice. Birmingham is also really nice and far cheaper then London for house prices.

My responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining the web servers
  • Leading the web development team
  • Maintaining all the servers and desktops inside the company - some are quite old.
  • Leading the internal application development team
  • The databases and the business intelligence of the company - we use MySQL 4 and 5 (I need to upgrade them)
  • And.. the phones for the entire company - don't know why.

So I have quite a lot of work to get done and I hope that I will have some interesting stories to blog about in the future. They will probably about fixing legacy systems...
Wish me luck.

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