24 Nov 2008

MySQL Function to Change Hard-Coded Tax, Anyone?

In the UK, tax prices have gone down from 17.5% to 15% .
Good news!
However, its a bit of a nightmare to change the prices on our websites. We're lucky. We don't have to reprint thousands of pamphlets that have prices for Christmas sales, since we are a primarily web-based company.
My boss said that this is like the Y2K bug, only you have 1 week to fix it.

Basically, we need to go over hundreds of pages of code for some 'very' hard-coded tax figures.
Our databases will also need to have a look at. I might need to have an all-encompassing function to look for products with tax already calculated into them and update them.
Oh well, it looks like it will be interesting.

Wish me luck.

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