7 May 2009

I Will be Speaking at the Cloud Computing Expo

As the title says, I will be speaking at the Cloud Computing Expo.
And while I have spoken before to a bunch of people before, this is by far, a lot bigger.

The topics I was thinking of talking about was a piece from my previous presentation which would be about speeding up MySQL for a web site developers.
I have edited those parts of the presentation and uploaded then to youtube.
They can be found here and here.

What I'd like to talk about is a mixture of the posts I had about Storing Conditions and Using Business Rules in MySQL. The idea, as a friend of mine put it is "Caching of Logic" in the database in order to save reprocessing data.

I hope that I am not very vague and I guess that I will need to make it clearer. But for now, I will start preparing the presentation (and I am quite excited about it).

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  1. Congratulations; remember Rob Allen's giving a talk about caching at PHPWM this week (Tuesday 12th)