14 Jun 2009

Tired of Youtube? Try the hacked version

Tired of not watching the latest music videos on youtube like the way you used to before? Frustrated at the live performance or unplugged version of the song you wanted to hear (I actually like it that way, but anyway…)? Well do I have a solution for you!

China has their own version of youtube called YouKu.
We all know for a long time now that in China, they copy everything and have very little or no respect for copyright laws. This sometimes upsets us (check out StackOverFlow vs CNprog), but here is a chance for us to get something back.

Go there and put in the search a name of a particularly famous/infamous blonde singer and see all the lost or missing music videos from youtube.

If you are lucky, you might even see full movies on it.

However, it might be “a bit” slower then youtube is. Sorry.

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