16 Jul 2009

Google Fusion Tables and Publicly Available Data

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I had a thought. What if Google's Fusion Tables could host in the future all the publicly available data like the UN data and then allow people around the world to view and analyze it.

What if the point was to have people make sense of the data for you in a collaborative way so that the publisher benefits with free insights into the data and everyone else benefits from these insights as well.

To fully appreciate what I mean, please watch this really good TED video about visualizing data.

1 comment:

  1. IBM's Many Eyes and Many Eyes wikified is already doing this. You can share datasets and create amazing visualizations - even with live data (e.g. RSS feeds).

    However, one issue with Many Eyes is that you can not modify the dataset once it is uploaded. You can delete and upload a new set, but there is no concept of collaboratively editing a dataset. Which is one thing I like about Google's Fusion Tables