8 Feb 2010

Top Speed - Queries per Second

Today I reached 109k Queries per Second. I was quite impressed by it.
Some background on the situation.
I developed some stored procedures to process some rather large tables we had in our database.
I managed to get the stored procedures to be very efficient and quick.
I then wanted to test it out and tried to overload the server to see how much it could take.
Normally, the server would do around 1k at best with these kinds of tasks. I have recently been able to tweak it to 20k QPS. But today, for some reason, the cache managed to get itself in the right position and produced this result.

The Server:
A 4+ year old Dell server, with SAS drives, 1 Quad-core CPU and 16Gbs of memory.

MySQL 5.0.48 - with MyISAM tables only

The Tasks:
Reference a 101 million row table (12+ Gbs) to fill in a column in three 8-9 million row tables (2-5Gbs).
Reference a 700k row table to fill in a 7 million row table.
So 4 tasks at the same time.

Click on the picture to see the full screenshot
Applications used: Mtop & Htop


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