20 Mar 2011

MySQL & NoSQL Survey - Results

Thank you for everyone that participated in the survey.
The number of participants was 57 and here are the results.

This is a general trend right across the board.
32.9% of companies (from people that participated in the survey) use both MySQL and NoSQL in their companies and 67.1% use just MySQL.

This is the results by company size (by people), however because I didn't have a lot of participants in some groups, I rounded the some number in the graph below.

Again, the trend here is the 67% vs 32% stated in the pie chart and it seems more or less equal across the company sizes.

Programming languages used had a slightly different trend. PHP not adopting NoSQL as much as other programming languages, but again I only had a certain number of participants to say for sure.
Below the number of languages used in the company.

Thanks again for those who participated in the survey!

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