9 Mar 2012

McAfee MySQL Audit Plugin

I'm work at McAfee at the moment and I stumbled across this:

They have a free (GNU General Public License according to the download) MySQL plugin for auditing MySQL - https://github.com/mcafee/mysql-audit/downloads
(yay, for using github)

They also have an enterprise-level database security product which of course is not free (no idea how much) and a video explaining what it does can be found here.

Another MySQL security company is, of course, GreenSQL with their open source and commercial SQL firewall.

I did evaluate GreenSQL once and recommended it to my boss at the time, but his reaction was:
"Well, its your job to secure MySQL, innit?"

Hopefully, other DBAs will have more luck then I had recommending security products where security is important.


  1. Some more plugs:

    www.guardium.com makes a database security appliance which works really well and works against several different types of databases, including MySQL. (disclaimer, I was employed by them as a fulltime DBA 2004-2005, this was before they even had MySQL, but the interface and what you could do was impressive even back then, and they've since been acquired by IBM).

    If you'll be at the Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo, I'm giving a tutorial on MySQL Security (including white-hat Google hacking) -- it's the only session about security in the whole conference, unfortunately.

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