31 Oct 2012

I Will Be Speaking at Percona Live London 2012

As the title suggests, I will be giving a tutorial about MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers.

I gave a similar tutorial last year at this conference, however, going over my old slides, I had to almost completely start from scratch.

Since last year, some things have changed  in the MySQL ecosystem and my experience and knowledge has improved as well. I also took on the feedback I had from last year and made changes:
The first part of the tutorial was slow and the second part (the more interesting part) was too fast.

This year, I promise that my tutorial will be between x2.5 to x7 better than it was last year.
Better in terms of higher quality content and better in terms of the knowledge you will remember after you leave.

I hope to see you there and if you do plan to attend, please remember to bring-your-own-(MySQL scaling)-problems and I hope to have time to help you with them at the end of the tutorial.

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