15 Jun 2016

Seismic Shock in the Analytics World

Yandex have released a free columnar store analytical database called clickhouse.
It seems to be using MySQL from what I can tell (correct me if I am wrong), but its obviously their storage engine and they added some math and aggregation functions.

If it is anything like Infobright then you can expect x50 compression, so for most of us mere mortals that means you can keep everything on one database.

It has (really interesting) replication with zookeeper.

It has materialised views which is absolutely huge.

The benchmarks are here.

It is a lot faster than hadoop/hive. Not sure about the Cloudera/Impala or Spark, but this would potentially be a lot simpler to administrator and is free, of course.

It also comes with tons of aggregation functions, geospatial functions, math functions... a treat for any data scientist.

Watch this space.

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