25 May 2020

How to Evaluate which Concepts in Tech are Good

For a new concept in tech to be considered 'good', in my opinion, it would have to have the following characteristics:

Helps the Developers

The concept has to help the developers of tech systems, do their job faster, smoother and/or easier. "Optimize for developer happiness".

Helps the Hardware

The concept has to help the underlying hardware complete the work it needs to, faster, smoother and/or easier with less resources. You cannot ignore reality and whatever runs on the hardware is reality.

Helps the Business

The concept has to help the business run faster, smoother and/or easier. This can also be seen as the end customer get better value.

Helps Make Things Simpler

The concept has to thoughtfully remove complexity from tech systems. If they cannot remove it fully, then they need to abstract it with zero or few costs and few interface points. "Simple is not easy".

Integrates with Other Concepts

Does not contradict other existing concepts or if it does, are those other concepts 'good' and on what premises were they formed?

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