24 Mar 2008

A list of Open-Source Alternatives to Business Applications

If you are part of a big company and would like to recommend to them a list of open-source and cheap commercial alternatives, I have compiled a list that I use for my company.

These options might make your company more competitive in certain markets and might let you react faster to changes.

Here is the list:

Database - DataWarehouse
InfoBright - Commercial DataWarehouse Engine (highly recommended) that runs inside MySQL. review about it

EnterpriseDB - Commercial Enterprise Scale Database that runs inside PostgreSQL

Vertica - A very high-scale, commercial, analytical and column-based Database. (Was made by the man who invented relational databases in 1970s)

BI Suite
Pentaho - Commercial Open-Source BI suite. Has ETL tools and Reporting (like informatica and cognos)

SugarCRM - Open Source CRM and on-demand CRM

XRMS - Web-based Open Source CRM

OpenCRX - Enterprise Open Source CRM

Mule - Commercial Open Source Enterprise Service Bus. Connects between many different webservices. (highly recommended)

OpenBravo - Web-based Open Source ERP

OFBiz - Apache "Open-For-Business" Open Source ERP and CRM

Compiere - Open Source ERP and CRM

I hope it helps.

Thank you for reading my blog.