21 Apr 2008

China and Blogs equals Page Cannot Be Found

Hello Fellow Bloggers

I am hereby officially requesting if you could kindly enable your blog to have subscription via email.
The reason I am asking this is because I like to get information from your wonderful blogs, but unfortunately, feedburner is blocked in china (and wordpress sometimes, blogspost sometimes, typepad...etc). This makes it difficult and highly annoying to get feeds from blogs.
The usual method to overcome this difficulty is to find proxies and sometimes install browser plugins to connect to the various proxies (vidalia is also good), but this slows down the process of trying to view the blog.
Now, I realize that most of you have no problem at all viewing blogs and are used to reading them every day with no delay in speed or increase of blood pressure.
But, please, consider the poor unfortunate people that live in "restrictive" parts of the world and would still like to be informed as to whats going on in outside their country of residence.

To help you enable email subscription for your blog, please use either feedburner or feedblitz.

Thank you for your understanding.

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