31 Dec 2008

New Year's Resolution

Its been a while since I blogged.. and my new year's resolution would be to blog more.
  • I could say that I have been very busy at work. I can't really say that I haven't been using MySQL, since I've been using it more these days than I have in my entire career.
  • I could say that I am noticing a trend to blog less in the MySQL community. I could be wrong about that, but I definitely don't see the same names blogging as the ones I used to see a year ago. But that could be that some people just moved on.
  • I could say that I have just been lazy. My blog statistics certainly reflect that.
  • Finally, I could say that I lost a bit of enthusiasm for blogging about MySQL. This could be that my priorities have shifted slightly, but I plan to get myself a bit more involved with database developing/administrating in the very near future.

Other things on my list for the new year is:
  • Re-learn the PHP that I forgot
  • Learn Subversion branching
  • Learn Git
  • Learn PHPUnit testing <- almost done
  • Learn how to use CruiseControl or PHPUnderControl
  • Look into ExtJS (for a Intranet Project)
  • Learn Ruby and/or Erlang in my free time......

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