8 Aug 2012

My Reply to an Agent

Here is my reply to a recruitment agent that asked me if I know any other MySQL DBAs in the London area (I am currently not available):

Hello Mr.Agent, 
You are the 9th person to ask me that question in the last 2 weeks. Apparently, we are quite rare and any MySQL DBA sightings should be reported to the media.  

Best Regards 

I suspect there is a grain of truth in my joke...


  1. Now, if supply and demand affects pay that could be good news for UK-serving MySQL DBAs.

    I tend to agree with what may be your view that often a few months - or even weeks or days - can be sufficient to get a lot of really good work done and that many companies may do very well with consulting gigs rather than on site full time permanent employees.

    I'm also happy with what I'm doing.

    Views are my own, for an official Oracle view consult a PR person.

    James Day, MySQL Senior Principal Support Engineer, Oracle UK

  2. This is why I have a standard reply for recruiters. It's a good idea to be nice, even to recruiters. Perhaps especially to them, you may find yourself needing their services one day.

    (and yes, I get that kind of volume, and I also get people wanting me to be a senior Oracle or SQL Server DBA, which I'm not even qualified for).

  3. Tell me whenever you're ready to receive a job query ;-)

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